Thursday, December 16, 2010

L'amore in Italia: part two.

All of us studying abroad this semester became a little sad as the end of November neared. As Thanksgiving approached, the fact we would not be spending the holiday with family began to set in. However, I was lucky for two reasons: a) my boyfriend was visiting; and b) my friends were sweet enough to open their apartment to us and to put their cooking skills to good use! We had a good old fashioned Thanksgiving with all the fixin's after all. :]

This is strange but I like it.


In a particularly unorthodox move, Ethan and I went to get gelato before dinner at Claire's house. :P

Eli, Holly, Ethan and Zoe show off their hand-turkeys.


Zo, me and E - a happy fam.

Alyssa and master chef Jackie.

Tutti insieme.


An two pies to seal the deal.

We were STUFFED, to say the least. And, in addition to being grateful for delicious food, we were all so thankful to have been able to spend the evening together. As an added perk, Claire was nice enough to let me spend the night at her house because the next day Ethan and I took off bright and early for a day trip to Rome!

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