Saturday, December 18, 2010

L'amore in Italia: part four.

Ethan's last day in Florence was so bittersweet in that we had a great time together, but knew that he'd be leaving shortly. Funnily enough, we spent most of the day doing homework and it was still the funnest of them all. :P

Dolled up for dinner out!

Ethan worked up until the very moment we had to leave to make our reservation. :P

We set out walking and passed the beautiful Basilica di Santa Maria Novella.

Here's the piazza.

Via de' Tournaboni, starting to get ready for Christmas!

It was so cold that we stopped to buy scarves, turning Ethan into un regazzo molto italiano. ;]

Finally made it to the restaurant!

The next morning, we called for a taxi only to realize that there was a Marathon going on in Florence that morning and many of the streets were blocked, making traffic impossible to navigate. The stress started to set in when we realized Ethan only had a couple of hours to make it to procure a taxi, get to the airport, and go through security. Finally, after about a half-hour, a taxi arrived. I cried as Ethan drove away, but all was well; after all, I'd be seeing him in a few short weeks. :]

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