Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fall Break: part one.

Here is yet another post a month in the making! We had about four or five days off after midterms at the end of October. In previous years, students have had ten-day breaks, so we were a bit bitter; nonetheless, six of us set out to create an epic trip of all trips to celebrate the end of the first half-semester and our American appreciation for Halloween. ;] Where better to go than Spain?

Allow me to explain. The absolutely beautiful island of Ibiza is actually one of the party capitals of Europe during the tourist seasons. However, come October, the place is pretty quiet. We decided that it might be a nice place to go just to chill - to enjoy the warm weather, the beaches, and even embrace the absolute lack of basically anything to do. :P We jumped on a plane to Barcelona, where we had a short layover before our thirty-minute flight to Ibiza. We decided to indulge.

Indulgence meant McDonald's. Yes, we have a few McDonald's in and around Florence, but we'd avoided them. As a midterm reward, we treated ourselves to a bit of its highly fatty, carbo-loaded goodness. And had no regrets about it.

Because fountain soda is basically nonexistent in Florence.

The Barcelona airport is beautiful and massive. There was a car advertisement of sorts in the middle of the terminal that house within it live snakes. :P

Finally arrived at our incredibly inexpensive apartment-style hotel where we had the best view in the house! Check out the Ibiza coast by night.

Ignore the hotel in front of us. ;]

Here's the same view by day.

Katya relaxing on the deck.

Claire. :]

After soaking up some sun on the porch, we were off to visit the Dalt Vila fortress in Ibiza Town.

The old castle-like fortress has a fantastic view of the ocean - but then, what in Ibiza doesn't have a great view?

Katya and Claire.

Katya, Claire and Jackie.

Zoe and me!

Katie and me.

Me and Claire.

Katya and me.


Then we explored.

A pair of Ibizan doors. :P

The port.

Enjoying the sun!

Afterward, we went back to our motel and chilled on the rocky beach. That's Katie.

The view from our oceanside dinner spot, MINT.

Claire, me, Katie and Katya.

The whole gang!

MINT, while pricey, was delicious.

It's been far too long since I posted food photos! Here's my dinner.

Popcorn chicken.

Curry powder and soy sauce.

Chocolate mousse.

Vanilla ice cream.

Claire's dessert!

Prepare for an onslaught of sunset photographs! It was just toooo beautiful of a sequence not to shoot.

So, that was Ibiza! We spent the next morning shopping and then jumped on a place back to Barcelona to enjoy the rest of the weekend there! :] More to come...

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  1. I love Claire's Shirt!!! The view all throughout this everywhere you go is just gorgeous.