Sunday, October 17, 2010


The day before we headed out to Cinque Terre, I visited the town of Assisi in the Perugia province. It is the birthplace of the founder out of the Franciscan order, Saint Francis, and it's picturesque. Though I am a Christian, I am not a Catholic. I do, however, attend a Catholic university. About half way through a tour of the amazing basilica at Assisi, I realized why the town sounded familiar to me - the saint for which my university is named! Pretty cool. Not much else to say, but some to show! Here goes.

Assisi is on the side of a hill, so it has some fantastic scenic views.

The gorgeous exterior of the Basilica Papale di San Francesco. No photos allowed inside, but rest assured it is gorgeous! There is an upper basilica and an absolutely magical lower basilica. Google it.

The piazza outside of the church.

After our tour, we grabbed lunch and then roamed the adorable town.

It was a quick but fun trip before my weekend excursion to the beautiful Cinque Terre!

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