Friday, December 10, 2010

Frolicking in Florence.

Just some photos of [relatively] recent times about town!

Susan and me on our way to meet Alex's parents, who were visiting Florence, for lunch!


Just some cuteness.

Some art students recreated Michelangelo's David to be used in a Florentine culture event: over a period of a few days, the replica was installed in various locations that the city of Florence had once considered placing the original piece. Here he is up on the Duomo.

The next day, we found him in front of the basilica.

The event had even gone so far as to lay down grass around Piazza del Duomo, another nod to a story from Florentine's Catholic history called the Miracle of San Zenobi.

Me, Zo and Natasha in front of a small elm tree also associated with the Miracle of San Zenobi.

Alex's friend Julie on the far right was visiting from Scotland!


Those last two were just in case you forgot how beautiful the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore is. :P

Out that night!

Good times. :]

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