Sunday, December 19, 2010

Buon Compleanno, Claire!

My dear friend Claire has made many a cameo on this blog. It's high time she have a post dedicated to her entirely! Her birthday is in a few days, and last week some friends and I organized a little get-together so we could celebrate the occasion together. It was a "surprise," but one of which I'm sure Claire was almost completely aware. ;]

Just a little peak into the silly part of the otherwise sweet card I wrote for Claire. :P

We ate at a fantastic little trattoria - essentially, a small restaurant or tavern of sorts - called La Trattoria dei Tredici Gobbi... which, I believe, means "thirteen hunchbacks." Who knows?

I rigatoni famosi della casa.

La torta cioccolata.

Cheesecake alla frutta di bosca.

Claire, Jackie and Alyssa.

We passed by the most magical carousel in Piazza della Repubblica.

And then we walked home!

Things were getting more holidaysy by the day, and we were getting more and more stressed by the imminence of finals...

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