Sunday, August 8, 2010

The last few weeks.

The past month has been chock full of birthdays - first, my mom's; then my boyfriend's; and then my brother's girlfriend's annnd my dad's. Naturally, we celebrated accordingly. ;]

My gift to my mother, which I presented to her in a simple black frame.

My beautiful grandma and my beautiful momma.

Me and my best friend all dolled up for dinner.

Ethan and my brother Tucker!

Before a little surprise birthday get-together I threw for this birthday boy!

Sonny helped me throw together some decor and wrap some presents (he really likes ribbon)!

The spread, including a half-batch of E's favorite cookies - peanut butter. Yum!

Me, E and my dad geared up to watch the Giants do what they do best: Beat LA! And all in honor of E's twentieth, no doubt.


Cassidy and Tucker.

Ethan and me.

Mom and Dad.

The whole gang!

A snapshot of the birthday girl.

A picture of the birthday... man.

And this photo, just for posterity. :P

It's so weird to think I'll be leaving these people behind in three short weeks... So I'm making the best of the time I have with them now. :] I've only had one minor breakdown so far thinking about leaving. I'm in awe of the people cool enough to forget the scariness of this whole ordeal and just embrace it, but I'm trying to do the same!

Stay tuned for coverage of the events of the upcoming weeks. Who knows what exciting thing I'll divulge next - my summer highlights? an inside look into how I'm packing my luggage? exclusive footage of buon viaggio festivities? an in-depth look at my itinerary?! Oooh, I know. THE SUSPENSE! It's positively thrilling. ;]

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