Friday, August 27, 2010

Highlights of my summer in numerous parts: part seven.

Remember how I mentioned being spoiled over the past week? Apparently Mother Nature is aware of the fact I'm leaving and brought upon a massive heatwave, which was welcome after an uncharacteristically cool California summer. And while I'm a bit bitter that my body chose to fall victim to a cold a few days ago, I've also been spoiled in that I've had the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with the people I love!

After our Jelly Belly experience on Monday morning, E and I enjoyed a Shut the Box and swimming excursion with my dear friends Matt and Anna that night. I have to comment that Anna and I were the victors of Shut the Box, much to the boys' chagrin. ;]

Tuesday was Dad Day. Way back in June, I purchased two tickets to the Giants versus Reds baseball game and presented them to my dad for Father's Day! We decided to make it into an all-day affair, so he took me up to the city for a late lunch and then we headed to the park to watch the players take Batting Practice while we chatted. The other perk? I wore a tanktop the entire duration of the game and never once reached for my sweater. In fact, when we left the park at eleven pm, it was still nearly eighty degrees - over twenty degrees warmer than usual. It was INSANELY amazing. Also amazing was the fact that the Giants won. Sixteen to five. No big deal. ;]

My dad and I before heading up to the city.

Sitting down to eat at Hillstone in San Francisco's Embarcadero neighborhood near North Beach.

The Hawaiian Ribeye with French fries. Too good!

Salmon and couscous.

Before the game!

A shot of the left field bleachers with the full moon in the skyyy.

My dad requested a photo of him saying "This is the best game ever!" Here are the results.

Around the time this was taken, it was probably thirteen to five. This is what happy fans look like!

Catching the last of the eighth inning from the center field line!

Wednesday was an equally awesome day: Mom Day! We got up and got mani-pedis, headed out to a delicious deli for lunch, and then caught "The Switch" at the movie theatre, which was all really fun because my mom's kind of amazing. That evening, the power went out, so we huddled around some candles and Ethan taught us to play Texas Hold 'Em. I rocked it, FYI. we played until PG&E said "Let there be light" again. Oh boy, I can't even begin to describe how much I will miss my family. AH!

Last night, Ethan took me out on a date to bid me adieu. We recreated our first date before heading out to watch "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," which was actually really entertaining. It was such a fun night!

I might have found my new favorite photo.

Ethan will be probably slay me for saying this, but he ended the night by performing a little song he wrote for me... Oh man. Let the sudden onslaught of tears begin, people! I'm leaving tomorrow!

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  1. you can tell you are your dad's daughter! it is weird how when people take photos of themselves with their parents, they see them reflected in one another. it is really nice.