Thursday, August 26, 2010

Highlights of my summer in numerous parts: part five.

I learned something useful recently: all you have to do is decide to go to another country for four months and people will suddenly spoil you. At least, that's how it's been for me. :P

Last Friday, my family sweetly took me out to a going away dinner. The food was wonderful, of course, but the company was better. We took some family photos before heading out...

Two men and a dog.

I think this was supposed to be a manly men photo. I don't know why Ethan looks like the Buddha cradling an invisible child.



Sibs and their sig-o's.

Again: what? :P

My loving mom and dad.

The best family ever.

With my grandmas!

The whole gang!

Since then, life has been filled with fun activities and festivities! I've been having a blast, but the days seem to be going so quickly - how on earth can it be true that I will be in Newark, New Jersey in two short days awaiting my flight to Rome? INSANITY!

On another note: this little blog has already received a lot of views, which hopefully indicates some new readers! I'm so pleased that you all will be following along as I embark on this crazy journey and hope you'll have some thoughts or suggestions to share in the future. ♥

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  1. how adorable. Loved all the shots of all the family and "sig-o" made me laugh a little. that is sweet you're included. My parents had my husband pose for a family portrait when I was 17 that they put in their church directory. good thing he married me.

    Newark is a scary place, just to let you know. be careful. it is one of the worst cities in all of NJ and is very known for it!!!! I will pray that you will have the protection of God on you! You'll be 45 minutes from where I live. ;)