Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A celebration in two parts: part two.

I absolutely adore the process of organizing get-togethers - a bunch of little ideas falling into place to create something personalized and intimate. The most obvious "Italy theme" was mingled with other kitschy elements - an assortment of flowers placed in multi-sized vases, picnic-style lunches, a slate table, glass jam jars, and whatnot - gave way to a gathering that was quaint and somewhat whimsical.

Part Two: The Decor and the People

One of my favorite things about parties that include sit-down meals is centerpieces, and one of my favorite things abut centerpieces is flowers. Unfortunately, the direct sunlight kept me from getting a good shot of the flowers outside on the table, but luckily I shot these beforehand!

The taller vases flanked either side of my row of flowers.

Another tall vase.

One of the two medium-sized vases.

Medium-sized vase numero due.

These adorable mini vases were placed every other vase.

Garnish for the beverage tray!

Such a strange discovery: not one but two siamese twin roses!

The Italian phrase used to send someone off - like the bon voyage French adage. I crafted the pennants for banner on my computer, cut them out and mounted them onto simple string.

Each individual place setting was complete with lunchbag and glass jar for sippin'. :]

The overall product!

Of course, a party is nothing without the wonderful attendees! ;]

Jinelle, fresh off of wisdom tooth extraction and still in attendance; Ethan; Matthew; Chris; Audrey.

Audrey shot this photo of us!

That's my Ethan: he just won't stop eating. ;]

It was a summer afternoon sweetly spent with friends. There are still loads of people to see before I take off, however, so I'm gearing up to face the next week and a half with vigor! Can't wait to see what's in store. :]

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